Food Allergies are no small problem. No one is quite sure why but a growing number of Americans are diagnosed with food allergies each year. The reality is that the only thing people with life-threatening allergies can do is avoid the foods that make them sick. Having an allergy myself I have a strict diet, but I love food and trying new things! Follow this blog to see how I handle breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and everything in between without taking a trip to the ER. I’ll also share my fun food and fitness tips along the way.

Disclaimer:  I am not a certified trainer or nutritional advisor, so the ideas presented on I’m Allergic are not meant to substitute doctors’ recommendations – food allergies are a serious thing! Email me at memcs82@gmail.com


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  1. Hi Marisa,
    I was just wondering how you figured out you were allergic to preservatives in food. There are just so many variables!
    I’m happy for you that you did 🙂
    How long did you have symptoms and what were they?

    • Hi Heather! Sorry for the delayed response, busy Tuesday yesterday 🙂

      I’m going to try and simplify this crazy story has much as possible, because as I’m sure you know all too well, pin-pointing these type of things is so hard! Starting around junior year of high school, I started not to feel well on most days and was quickly able to notice a trend of when I was becoming sick was after eating. After almost every meal I was becoming so fatigued that I would literary have to crawl into bed. After that, it was quite a battle with everything…so for two years that persisted and I was barely getting by. Then freshman year of college things got even worse. Fatigue turned into passing out, my upset stomach turned into the complete swelling of my abdomen, face, throat, and tongue. This very long, very uncomfortable, and very expensive story came to an end when doctors finally found sulfite antibodies in my urine and I haven’t eaten a preservative since! They did a lot of tests and I kept crazy food diaries and it was a big team effort. But, unfortunately, even after eliminating preservatives, I still felt off some days, so now I am on a high-enzyme diet (foods high in them) and I go gluten-free as much as possible because that has made a big difference in my life also. With the exceptions of slip-ups and some trial and errors gone wrong, I have never felt better!

      What about you? How did you get it all figured out?

  2. Wow-passing out is serious business! dang 😦
    as far as me, i figured out the dairy intolerance back when i was @ 22 and would routinely have milk and cereal for breakfast and kept getting “sick” shortly thereafter. i knew other people in my fam were intolerant, so i stopped doing dairy and voila! no more probs.
    the egg, casein, and gluten intolerance all manifested after i had my daughter.
    i’ve read that pregnancy/giving birth can trigger new intolerances/allergies, so that totally makes sense.
    also, i have a close friend who, after having her son, developed a nut/legume and FRESH FRUIT allergy. like serious-throat swelling shut and needs to carry an epi-pen allergic!
    can you imagine?? some people feel bad for me b/c of all my intolerances, but to not ever be able to eat any nutbutters or FRESH FRUIT??? craziness!
    eggs-i was downing like 12 egg whites a day no problem for about a year, then BAM. i’d get seriously nauseous and bloated every time i’d even eat something with eggs baked in.
    the gluten intolerance i was kind of in denial about even though i was in serious pain and misery- until i started getting BAD eczema, which is a complete telltale sign. so, i cut it out and the next day felt 99.9% better!
    dang, we sure seem like a coupla hot messes, eh?!
    i actually consider it a mixed blessing, because it forces me to eat “clean” and fresh as possible.

    • No fresh fruit? No nut butters? Oh my gosh I would go insane. Can she eat the fruit sans skin? That’s so sad!

      I know many people actually as well that have developed food allergies post-pregnancy, two with sulfite allergies actually! So bizarre. I guess it really is true that your body changes every seven years. Gluten symptoms are nooo fun, whatsoever! It’s always a trial and error thing with me, so I try and go gluten free as much as possible, but sometimes I just end up eating it and I’m either fine or uggggh. I didn’t know eczema was a symptom?!? That’s terrible. It’s crazy about your intolerances just developing too, but I agree, sometimes I’m happy that I don’t have the option of eating a preservative-filled bag/box/sleeve of whatever. We are so much better off 🙂 A blessing in disguise!

  3. hi! ok-i’ve got the comment section enabled on my blog again….it was deactivated for a while. some creepster freaked me out.
    all’s well again 🙂
    i’m glad you enjoy it!!

    • Hey H! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! I tried commenting again but it won’t let me! It says something about error on page? Any idea what that is about?
      But, anyway, speaking of 3 Musketeers, which poor you and I can’t enjoy! I found some awesome yummies over the weekend! I posted all about them, duh, haha, so I hope you can try them and enjoy them. I think they are all Heather-friendly. Is that your daughter? SO adorable!

  4. yup-that’s my daughter. she’s a keeper 😉 i also have a 19 year old stepson….he’ll be 20 on May 5th!! yikes!

    • Aw, well she is sooo cute! My sister just turned 21 today! And she is in France! It was yesterday that she was 20! So crazy. Tell your stepson I say happy birthday! 🙂 Do you make a special birthday cake that you can enjoy too? I always have that issue at home, haha. My mom always makes me a separate dessert because my little siblings just don’t understand YET, that Whole/Clean food can be Great food! 😉

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