Michigan, Popcorn, and Elana

Hey everyone!

1) I loooove Michigan. Seriously, love. Clean, green, and pure. Law school precludes me from doing too much exploring (um, hello it’s Friday night and I’m reading Torts), but from what I’ve gathered thus far, MI is fabulous. Love it.

Ah, the "mitten" state. Good times.

2) Speaking of the fact that it’s Friday night and I am stuck in my room reading page after page of Trespass to Chattels, popcorn has been a life saver. Really though. USDA organic, gluten-free, and lightly salted. Pairs surprisingly well with my late night mug of coffee and makes reading more fun. (Ha, sort of).

Like you're in a movie theatre, but you're not.

3) I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, whether you can tolerate gluten or not, Elana\’s Pantry is where it’s at. Woman is fierce. And her food, divine. Do yourself a favor and check out her website and fantastic recipes (the flourless chocolate cupcakes are my fav!) And she has a great cookbook out too!

Have you ever been to MI? Do you love popcorn? (It’s an addiction on my end, really). Have you been to Elana’s site before?

P & L,


2 responses to “Michigan, Popcorn, and Elana

  1. What are the odds! I just perused Elana’s site for the first time this morning! Good stuff, for sure.

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