Got Milk?

Study after study shows that downing dairy (some form of it) after a tough workout can help replenish exhausted muscles and significantly aid exercise recovery. I love working out, but can’t do regular dairy. But, no worries to my allergy buddies who can’t stomach cow’s milk either – according to research, any dairy beverage with some protein (think soy or goat’s), will have the same muscle-building rewards 🙂 

I happen to be head over heels for Bolthouse Farms Protein Beverages, specifically, the Perfectly Protein Vanilla Chai Tea flavor. No preservatives and nothing artificial, along with being gluten-free, this baby is a smooth blend of soy protein, brewed green tea, and chai spices all naturally sweetened with a subtle hint of vanilla. It’s got a nice dose of protein (10 grams!) and filled with nutrients like Vitamin C, B6 and B12, iron, zinc, magnesium, 18 amino acids. Not to mention 37 grams of isoflavonoids per serving. BAM. 

It’s crazy delicious :).  One bottle is two servings though, so keep that in mind while you are drinking it in all its chai-glory. 

Protein + Delicious = Yum.


P & L, 



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