Chips and Dip, please.

I found another amazing allergy-friendly bag of greatness. Snyder’s of Hanover brand has introduced, Eatsmart Naturals. A new line of all-natural, Kosher certified snacks that are gluten-free (excluding the MultiGrain Sunflower Chips) and all natural. All Eatsmart Naturals items are made with expeller pressed sunflower oil. I got my hands on the MultiGrain Tortilla Chips  with a touch of sea salt. They were fantastic.

I whipped out some goat cheese cream cheese, a la Trader Joes, and topped that with some Full Circle Organic Salsa and went to town.


 Have you tried these yet?

P & L,



6 responses to “Chips and Dip, please.

  1. oooh! those look good! must find some soon.
    The non-dairy queen posted about lentil chips…must find those, too!
    craving chips! must be pms…ha!!

    • Haha, when it hits, it hits! These really were delish though, you should give in! 🙂 Have you ever had Kale chips? I keep hearing all about them. I’ve never heard of lentil chips though. That’s a really cool idea, I will be on the look out! Let me know if you give them a try 🙂

  2. It’s great to have organic snacks to satisfy our craving. I love my salsa look, it’s yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  3. yup-i make kale chips when i can find kale around here! i usually have to go at least 25 miles to a store that has it 😦
    anyway-answer to your other question on my blog, pretty much any kind of milk would work for that mug cake….i just love coconut milk!

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