An Organic Toast to Graduation!

 Hi everyone! I’m so excited because I graduated yesterday! I am very happy to have had a wonderful and successful four years at Drexel University and I am ready to take on whatever comes up next! 🙂 

My amazing and supportive parents took me out for an awesome dinner celebration after the ceremony. Due to my lengthy food restrictions, I chose one of my favorite places where I can eat almost anything on the menu – White Dog Cafe! Such a great restaurant with really outstanding service. Perfect for a celebration! 

It’s really wonderful for me and other people with similiar food allergies or just those that want to eat well, because they focus on using high quality and farm fresh ingredients that are purchased from local sustainable farmers. Seasonal, local, and organically grown ingredients = awesome.

My mommy and I shared an interesting squash appetizer that was served tempura style with a fresh beet puree – so fun! And my main course was a Pan-Seared Ahi Tuna, that was served with Green Meadow Farm Baby Bok Choy, Wills Valley Organic Kim-Chee, and Sesame Soy Reduction. It was fabulous! I also saved room for some dessert 🙂 They make house made sorbet that is composed daily and I tried the strawberry flavor. It was great. They also had a flourless chocolate torte that I was so leaning towards trying, but it was hovering around 78 degrees outside so an icy treat seemed more appropriate. 

Alcohol has its ups and downs in the news in regards to health benefits, but it was a day to have a little something extra, so I felt compelled to celebrate with a fun beverage. I tried a new special martini they offered that was a mixture of fresh and organic meddled cherries, lime, and mint leaves combined with vodka. It was so yummy! 🙂

a sweet close up of me and my martini!

 My parents really enjoyed their meals too! If you’re ever in Philly you should try this place for sure! 

Any recent celebrations in your life? 🙂 

P & L, 







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