It’s hard being as hungry as me, but somebody’s got to do it

I have been so flipping hungry the past couple of days thanks to this little thing called senioritis. I’m coming to the close of my undergraduate career (yikes), but not without punishment. I have papers and projects due like it’s going out of style. With that said, I’ve been working my brain out more than my bod, which strangely enough, always makes me more hungry than usual. Which I didn’t even think was possible. That or I just like to take frequent breaks to snack 🙂

SO, what’s worse than having a list of food allergies, you ask? Having a list of food allergies and being a busy and broke college student. I’ve got to be creative as it is when it comes to meal time and snacking, let alone when I am chained to my desk and need would love for my older sister to go on a field trip to Whole Foods with me :). I made out pretty well though with some of the meals/snacks I’ve made in the past couple of days and even made up some new Marisa-favorites. A little creativity went a long way, and the “study breaks” didn’t hurt either. So much more work to do though…which is why my stomach is growling this very instant.

So let’s see…there was some…

Tofu with roasted vegetables in sesame oil, and obvs mixed in with some almond butter.

Avocado "crackers" spread with ab, goat cheese cream cheese, and topped with almonds.

I'm so turning into an almond. Any day now. Seriously.

Tofu, mango, spinach, and almonds (just get used to it) stir frySome more tofu, this time tropical style…

Gluten-free spaghetti and organic sauce, topped with baby artichokes and other roasted mixed veggies, sprinkled with goat feta

So good. No one even knows what baby artichokes evoke in me.

Siiigh…all I needed was some dark chocolate and I’d been set.

Please tell me someone loves almonds and ab as much as me? Also, any other awesome tofu recipes to share? Such a beautiful thing.

P & L,



6 responses to “It’s hard being as hungry as me, but somebody’s got to do it

  1. Looks like you still have some creative brain cells left after all your heavy duty “schoolin'” 🙂
    I just got some cubed tofu and have been trying to think of what to do with it….thanks for the ideas 🙂
    I’ve seen baby artichokes before and was thisclose to buying some, but didn’t.
    They just don’t occur naturally so it freaked me that someone had to genetically engineer them to make them like that.
    BUT, i think trying them once wouldn’t hurt. 😉
    I do love artichokes! Ever had pickled artichoke hearts?
    So.very. delicious!!!

    • Haha, I managed to keep the creativity level up. I never really thought about baby artichokes like that. Good point! You’ve got to try the mango and tofu! So great 🙂

  2. Morgan McStravick

    so why didnt you comment about your awesome denim plate you use????

  3. You are crazy, girlie! Another field trip?!?! Ps- the pasta dish looks fabulous! You must make for me 🙂

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