Cream Cheese, AB, and Avocado? Yes

Yay for gluten-free carbs 🙂

I love it when my crazy mornings are made better by breakfast. 🙂 Yes, a good breakfast really can brighten my mood. And that’s exactly what went down this morning. Think a gluten-free sesame bagel slathered withe a delicious salty-meets-creamy-meets-proteiny combo:  goat’s cheese cream cheese (thank you, Trader Joes), lots and lots of raw and crunchy almond butter (again, thanks TJ), and slices of avocado all smothered together….sigh. It was so delicious that I didn’t even care that I was sprinting while I ate it. I’d show you a fab picture, but Barbie Cam is taking a battery break right now.

I started combining cream cheese and peanut butter when I was little, kudos to my younger brother who eats more bizarre food combinations than me. Funny thing is, I like this new, allergy-friendly version even better. Have you ever paired cream cheese with almond butter? So good! Try it 🙂

P & L,



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