Aside from people always asking me, “So what DO you eat?” They also always ask me, what I miss most about the foods I used to be able to eat. Really, I just miss the convenience of being able to eat anywhere on the go (so hard when you are busy), but then I think back to my childhood days and remember having so much fun eating junk food with my bazillion siblings. My sister Morgan and I used to have waaay too much fun with Fruit by the Foot. Yup, that amazingly long, incredibly sticky, and colorful fun strip of pure joy. The Fruit Roll Up stickers were pretty sweet too. Again, we had way too much fun with those as well.

Lucky for me I found a replacement (a healthier one too, thank goodness)! Stretch Island Fruit Co. makes super delicious (and fun!) fruit leather that I can eat and actually feel good about. Nothing artificial, No sugar added, and a 1/2 serving of fruit in each strip 🙂 So fantastic. They even carry the equivalent to the fruit roll up, they call them “fruit rolls”, but I haven’t found them yet.

The flavors are great, and being that I am a mango kind of girl, I go for the mango sunrise, but summer strawberry is good too!

Have you tried them? Do you like them? Did you even eat fruit roll ups as a kid? Maybe you still do? 🙂

P & L,



5 responses to “Allergy-Friendly-Fruit-Snacks

  1. Morgan McStravick

    or what about our crazy choco-peanut butter concoctions? and our baking feasts?! Maybe I’m taking this food allergy thing a little more harder than you?

  2. Just bought the grape Stretch Island Fruit Leather for a bunch of 11 year old girls. They LOVED them.

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