Squash Soup fo’ Dinna

On top of today being very long at work, it wasn’t warm out! Is it not May 10? It hovered around a high  of 64 today and I was feeling the temperature dip even lower when my dinner rolled around. Now, as you’ve seen and as you’ll continue you to notice; I love to do crazy things on a whim in my kitchen. In order to throw some fun in my evening I decided dinner was going to be an art project. Drumroll…

So flipping awesome. Seriously, I’ll type it again, so flipping awesome.

Okay so dump this pretty little can of Farmer\’s Market organic squash in a pot and mix with (in my case soy milk – I used organic vanilla :)), but whatever you like; just make sure it’s milk. While that’s heating on LOW, cut and sauté your pears in some…sesame oil (trust me) until they are golden brown and softish. Then stir the simmery little pear chunks, about a half cup of cashews (chopped and whole), and a tablespoon of agave nectar in your squash pot. Keep that on medium heat for a few more minutes, sprinkle with pepper, and in my case another drizzle of agave (yum!) and you’ve got a rockin’ soup. I also had some of my gluten-free ezekial bread toasted and spread with a mixture of  raw honey and goat cheese topped with blackberries. So pretty and so yummy.

Made my day all better 🙂

Have any crazy soup recipes?

P & L,



4 responses to “Squash Soup fo’ Dinna

  1. Agave and butternut soup???? Never would have thought. That could taste good chilled too.

    • Mmm…it’s so delicious. Really brings out all the right flavors in the squash…think nutty, sweet, AND savory. So fab. My agave nectar is almost gone! Love it so much. I really put it on and in everything. Thank goodness it’s loaded with antioxidants. Love the idea of serving that chilled! That would be nice with a fresh salad. Good call Moni!

  2. OK, you’re right. I NEED to try that!!! Thanks for letting me know 🙂 xoxo

    • Yes, you must! It was so great! I’m making it again very very soon! Also, FYI, aside from Sarah from Vitamin G, you are sort of me and my sister’s Celebrity-Blogger! Creepy, I know, but we love your blog! Thanks for commenting! Let me know if you loved the soup as much as I did 🙂

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