No lie, this side dish is incredible

I was sooo not feeling well today, but my loving little blonde roomie made it all better. Girl can morph into Sally Homemaker mode with a one, two, snap.

Apron on, kitchen utensils in hand, Kate (aka:   little blonde roomie) whipped up some fab gluten, lactose, and preservative-free food. Baked mac n’ cheese? Check. A side of steam spinach and broccoli sautéed in almond butter? Check. Gluten-free chocolate truffle brownies for dessert? Check.

I know what you are thinking…what a sweet roommate. Zero food allergies (however, she is a vegetarian) and she still eats special food with me 🙂

Okay, so while this is true, what you’re really thinking is, “a side of steam spinach and broccoli sautéed in almond butter”? Wtf. In the purple palace we believe almond butter (ab) goes on everything. Even vegetables, don’t even get me started on acorn squash and ab.

Anyway, while I sat being a sick little princess, Kate gathered up the goods. She steamed up some fresh, organic baby spinach leaves   added in some steamed trees  and sautéed them both in some yummy Mara Natha almond butter, add some chopped nuts, and wham, bam, thank you Kate for a super healthy and super delicious side.

What do you think? Crazy good or just crazy?

P & L,


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