Some love for those allergic to gluten or just sensitive

Okay, so gluten my friends, is a type of protein that is found in rye, wheat, and barley. Hence its presence in a majority of cereals and bread. Not all foods from the grain family, however, contain gluten; like wild rice, corn, buckwheat, millet, quinoa (thank goodness!), soybeans, and sunflower seeds.

Now, although I am not allergic to gluten, my allergist and I have agreed that I am sensitive. And actually, only a small percent of individuals are truly intolerant of gluten, while a large amount are sensitive and will thus test negative for celiac (like mwah). Not always, but sometimes I’ll have symptoms such as (warning:  TMI) bloating and gas after eating  gluten-laden food. If this happens to you, you may be sensitive as well. There’s no cure, just a different diet. And if you’re not sure, try the elimination diet, and see how you feel after avoiding foods with gluten.

To cater to my bread needs, and in fact, many of my other allergy-needs, I dig “Food for Life” and their gluten-free, sprout bread. View their awesome site here. Also, I just discovered this food writer’s site this afternoon and her gluten-free recipes look divine. I can’t wait to trythem!

And in case you’ve never heard of chia seeds, read all about them here in an article I wrote for

Are you gluten-sensitive? Allergic? What’s some of your favorite gluten-free recipes?

P & L,



2 responses to “Some love for those allergic to gluten or just sensitive

  1. hey M, me again 🙂
    timely post, because yes, yes i am gluten intolerant. SEVERELY. like symptoms within minutes of ingestion that will last for days 😦
    and unfortunately, either because of cross contamination or similar proteins i am also intolerant of quinoa 😦
    i was so happy when i first found out it was gf, and then tried it!
    i was so NOT happy when i had a gluten-type reaction after eating it. i then did some research and found out that many people who are gluten intolerant, also cannot tolerate quinoa.
    sad day for me.
    BUT, i have so many wonderful alternatives that i am not sufferin’!

    • Sorry you can’t have quinoa! That’s a bummer. Days of gluten symptoms is noooo fun. You have a great attitude though! It took me a while to learn to love my allergy (you have to or you’d go crazy!), but I’m glad you’ve found so many alternatives. Sometimes my siblings (I’m one of ten and the ONLY one with a food allergy, which I’ll be posting on later), look at me crazy for some of the foods I deem “yummy.” But seriously, what’s a hungry girl with food allergies to do except make up awesome alternatives that please the palate? Checked out your blog, btw! Love it! Will be a follower! 🙂

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