OMGee, it’s-Saturday-and-I-have-off-from-school-and-work-celebratory-breakfast-sandwich

Good morning! I don’t know if it’s because yesterday was the longest Friday ever (think double at work and then three hours at the library), but I woke up this morning STARVING. The breakfast sammi I am about to share with you is out of this world good! There’s a lot going on, so Ima break it down for you 🙂

Morning Omelet with Avocado & Honey Spread Sandwich

In the omelet:


In the spread:

Altogether on two hearty slices of See full size imageGreat morning and happy Marisa

Okay so picture two fluffy eggs encasing slices of mushrooms and cute lil’ cherry tomatoes, all sandwiched between toasty bread slathered in a creamy mixture of equal parts savory avocado and sugary raw and natural honey. So. Good. Seriously, I wish I could have taken a picture but, 1) my barbie camera just isn’t cut out for food photos and 2) that sandwich was gone too damn fast.

So ready to rock and roll.

Did you know?:

Research suggests that having a big breakfast with carbohydrates and lean protein, and even a piece of chocolate (um, heck yes), will help keep your appetite in check all flipping day long. Meaning less mindless snacking and more energy to do what you love. Cheers to that. I wonder if a mimosa counts too? 🙂

What’s your enjoy-your-morning breakfast? Pancakes? Straight up cereal? Something else crazy good?

P & L,



3 responses to “OMGee, it’s-Saturday-and-I-have-off-from-school-and-work-celebratory-breakfast-sandwich

  1. Straight up cereal! …but then I use my leftover cereal milk as both the creamer and sweetener for my morning cup of jo 🙂

  2. Mmmm, how resourceful of you! I’m not much of a cereal girl in the a.m. (unless of course it’s cereal mixed with Greek yogurt) but that’s a good idea! I bet a cinnamony cereal leftover milk tastes great in your coffee. Thanks for commenting, M2!

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