Love me some almond butter

So after this morning\’s breakfast it was time to get some work done. I had lots of school work to catch up on and some errands to run. And by errands, I mean my favorite errand ever – a trip to Whole Foods. Whole Foods, my friends, is where my little handicapped-foodie-self leisurely strolls the glossy and well-lit aisles; oogling each and every organic item, desperately wanting to toss everything into my basket. But, my most favorite aisle of all is where the almond butter sits.

SO many brands, so much variety, so much goodness. Now, you may be asking yourself why on dear Earth am I being such an almond butter snob?  Well, for some crazy reason not all grocery stores carry it, including the two closest to me where I shop normally. Whole Foods is a bit of a hike for me, but it was nice out today and I needed a reason to get some extra fresh air. Almond butter being that reason. Anyway, I’d been without my favorite nutty spread for almost two weeks! Therefore, my snacks for the day were dedicated to my lil’  brand spankin’ new jar of almond butter.

First, there was some (air popped organic kernels, duh) drizzled in a.b.

Next, my fav mixed with, and of course, covered lightly coated in some more slightly-sweet, ever-so-salty, and high in protein, a.b.

Oh, and there was definitely a whole lot of   that.

I’ve got sooo many favorite brands. There’s Justin\’s, MaraNatha, Blue Diamond, and so much more. I love ’em all. I’ll try ’em all. So tell me, what’s your favorite almond butter brand and what do you do with it for some yum and fun?

More on why I’ll choose almond butter over peanut butter any day, later.

Have a fun Saturday!

P & L,



4 responses to “Love me some almond butter

  1. When I get home (in about 3 WEEKS!!!!) we are soooooo eating lots and lots of almond butter popcorn! =) A bientot!

  2. Almond Butter(Blue Diamond) and alfalfa spouts on Pepperidge Farm Whole Wheat Toast is the best start breakfast! Add half a papaya and a Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, and you are set til snack time!!!

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