Pick-me-up-pleeease, snack

Perfect snack after a long day!

I intern with a wonderful bunch of female attorneys that really know how to plow through the day and keep me on my toes. Today was one of those days and it hit me at 3pm. I still needed to go to the library to get work done and then meet a friend at the gym! 

I do coffee in the a.m., but that’s it. This wonderful little greek yogurt mixture gives me much more lasting energy. There are so many great greek yogurt options right now, but I prefer Oikos because it’s organic. I stick with the plain flavor and dress it up myself – I’ve known to make some pretty crazy parfaits, but today I did chopped mango, a handful of almonds, and a drizzle of my staple, raw honey. On a side note, I mentioned that I am lactose intolerant, however I find that I can digest both greek yogurt very easily, as can many of my other intolerant friends. This is because unlike conventional yogurt, greek yogurt contains less carbs than regular yogurt and therefore less lactose, the sugar in dairy products that gets in the way of me and hundreds of others eating ice cream! In addition, Greek yogurt gets its thicker consistency because it is strained and the liquid whey is removed.

Did you know?:

That aside from being tummy-friendly, Greek yogurt is also just a bangin’ food, thus it being deemed a food of the gods. One cute lil’ carton contains 50 percent more protein than regular yogurt; think 20 grams per eight-ounce cup versus 13. It also contains five different live and active cultures (L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus, L. acidophilus, Bifidus, and L. casei) – a delicious way to keep things moving – ha! Plus there are a vast amount of awesome flavors that still rock all the benefits – strawberry, blueberry, even caramel! In any case, you will no doubt see Greek yogurt A LOT of my posts – I eat it almost has often as I eat honey, in the most unexpected of recipes.

Aside from being flipping delicious and such a pretty color, mangos are packed with great  nutritional value. I’m talking powerful antioxidant and anticancer abilities, combating acidity and indigestion (high in fiber), a rich source of vitamin A and E, selenium, and iron. Whew! A pretty fruit, with a powerful punch.  Always press the nose of the mango with your thumb to check if its ripe, it will also have a sweet smell.

Almonds kick butt in the vitamin E category, healthy glow like whoa. They too are loaded with protein and fiber…great mixed in or eaten by the handful.

What’s your favorite pick-me-up snack?

P & L,



2 responses to “Pick-me-up-pleeease, snack

  1. Guess it’s time for me to try Greek yogurt!

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