Two Eggs a Day Keeps Belly Fat at Bay


 Best Lunch!

 So it was a little dreary outside today and I needed something filling and warm before I made my way to the library for some homework. I was also planning on hitting the gym shortly after so I needed it to stick as well.

 Omelets are a surefire way to keep full and power you through several hours without so much a tummy grumble. I made mine with two whole eggs, some sliced mushrooms, and my favorite feta goat cheese. Goat cheese has a distinctive tangy flavor and is easily digestible for everyone (I’m lactose intolerant!). Better yet, goat cheese is leaner than cow’s milk and contains NO hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides – something typical in cow’s milk. I like feta goat cheese because I can sprinkle it on anything (think salad topper, roasted veggies like asparagus, etc.). It comes in all forms – soft and spreadable, hard, or semi-firm…all delicous. I also ate some edamame with real salt sprinkled on top. Yummmm.

Did you know?: 

Eggs are packed full with healthy goodness like, protein.  One serving (two medium eggs) provides over 12 grams of satiating and filling protein. Eggs also provide omega-3’s and 18 different vitamins and minerals including vitamin E (um, hello healthy glow!). Also, eggs are great for your peepers! According to several studies, an egg a day helps prevent macular degeneration due to the carotenoid content.

Mushrooms are a miracle food too. The have been used for thousands of years for both food and medicinal purposes. And when it comes to selenium (an antioxidant and anti-cancer, anit-heart-disease butt kicker), mushrooms surpass all other veggies in the produce aisle. According to my friends at Whole Food, if you’ve got weakness or pain in the muscles, discoloration of the hair or skin, or whitening in your fingernail beds – you may be deficient in selenium and mushrooms will fit the bill.

What do you put in your omelets??

P & L,



4 responses to “Two Eggs a Day Keeps Belly Fat at Bay

  1. I’m glad you recognized the health benefits of eating the WHOLE egg. Health conscious people tend to go crazy with the egg whites out of fear of consuming too much cholesterol, but the yolks have so much to offer (like the carotenoids you mentioned!) Thanks:)

  2. Good call, M2! No wasting egg yolks around here!

  3. Barbara McStravick

    Don’t forget to drink some olive oil with your breakfast. A tablespoon or two will do nicely to keep you heart healthy and flat tummied! Nice blog Marisa!

  4. Yes! That and half an avocado! Tomorrow’s breakfast!

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